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Rank Forenames Surname Date of Death Age Force Unit / Ship / Battalion / Squadron Place of Burial Memorial Page
Trooper ARTHUR WILLIAM DAY Saturday, 29 July 1944 32 British Army 7 Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Lance Corporal CHARLES ALFRED DAY Friday, 08 September 1944 30 British Army 710 Artisan Works Company RYES WAR CEMETERY, BAZENVILLE Detail
Corporal DOUGLAS ROBERT DAY Friday, 23 June 1944 29 British Army 1 Battalion RANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Corporal EDWARD WILLIAM JOHN DAY Thursday, 03 August 1944 27 British Army 1 Battalion BROUAY WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private EDWIN HENRY DAY Tuesday, 25 July 1944 Unknown Canadian Army Unknown BRETTEVILLE-SUR-LAIZE CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY Detail
Corporal FRANCIS EDWARD JAMES DAY Tuesday, 06 June 1944 Unknown Royal Air Force 5158T Mobile Signal Unit BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private GEORGE WILLIAM DAY Sunday, 16 July 1944 30 British Army 1/6 Battalion FONTENAY-LE-PESNEL WAR CEMETERY, TESSEL Detail
Lance Serjeant JAMES DAY Tuesday, 06 June 1944 28 British Army 13 Parachute Battalion (6th Airborne Division) BAYEUX MEMORIAL Detail
Private JAMES H. DAY Tuesday, 06 June 1944 Unknown United States Army 507th Military Police Battalion NORMANDY AMERICAN CEMETERY Detail
Lieutenant JAMES PATTERSON DAY Tuesday, 01 August 1944 23 Canadian Army Unknown RYES WAR CEMETERY, BAZENVILLE Detail
Pilot Officer JOHN HAROLD DAY Monday, 20 May 1940 Unknown Royal Air Force 13 Squadron MONT HUON MILITARY CEMETERY, LE TREPORT Detail
Private First Class KENNETH R. DAY Thursday, 15 June 1944 Unknown United States Army 18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division NORMANDY AMERICAN CEMETERY Detail
Rifleman LEONARD ALFRED JAMES DAY Tuesday, 11 July 1944 21 British Army 2 Battalion HOTTOT-LES-BAGUES WAR CEMETERY Detail
Rifleman LEONARD WILLIAM DAY Wednesday, 28 June 1944 23 British Army 8 Battalion (2 Battalion, London Rifle Brigade), Rifle Brigade, (11th Armoured Division) SAINT-MANVIEU WAR CEMETERY, CHEUX Detail
Signalman LESLIE KENNETH CYRIL DAY Sunday, 09 July 1944 20 British Army 12 Line of Communications Signals BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Flight Lieutenant ROBERT LIONEL FRANK DAY Sunday, 18 June 1944 Unknown Royal Air Force 132 (Royal Air Force) Squadron CONNELLES CHURCHYARD Detail
Private THOMAS EDWIN DAY Thursday, 06 July 1944 19 British Army Unknown HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Displaying 1 to 17 of 17 results.